The Hunting Grounds (A Villain’s Story FBI Mystery Seri… (2024)


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September 1, 2023

Ghosts: Past and Present

Detective Justice Hall’s last case was solved when he killed the da Vinci serial killer, Senator Al Daulton. Right before he goes back to work, he is contacted by a former employee of Eastwind Farm, who asked him for help in finding his missing girlfriend. When Sheriff Eliza Galvez calls Justice to let him know he has been cleared in the shooting of Senator Al Daulton, he tells her about the missing woman and she assigns him the case. Sheriff Galvez ends up with another case of a missing man, Luca Gaspar. When she and Justice search his home, they find evidence of foul play. Justice is now working two cases. Is the missing woman alive or dead? What happened to Luca? Are the two cases related?

Justice finds the young man who reported his girlfriend missing dead. Who killed him and why? Justice steps up his investigation of Eastwind Farm and takes a closer look at the owner. During this time, his partner, Henry, is notified that his sister is in the hospital for a drug overdose. It appears there is a new drug out on the streets and overdoses are becoming a problem. Justice believes the Syndicate, a motorcycle gang is involved in spreading the new drug. Is someone in the Syndicate responsible for the missing persons? Who is the killer?

Justice continues to see the ghosts of victims that Justin Black killed and the ones he was forced to help kill. He also sees the ghosts of his recent justified killings. Are they real or imagined? Does he have some paranormal ability to see, hear and talk to the ghosts he killed?

The Hunting Grounds continues to tell the story in flashbacks of Justice (Tim) when he was being held by Justin Black. To know the unthinkable horror he went through helps you to understand his current reasoning for killing monsters. Is Justice a predator? Are his killings really justified? Is Justice heading for a mental breakdown?

I truly enjoy all of Mary Stone’s books. Out of all her books, A Villain’s Story FBI Mystery Series, has been the most difficult to read. I hate and was horrified at what happened to Tim aka Justice Hall when he was held captive by Justin Black. I want Justice to live a long and successful life. I don’t want him to end up like “Dexter”.

Diana Lindoff

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September 1, 2023

THE HUNTING GROUNDS is the second installment in Mary Stones newest series, A Villain's Story.Like everything from Mary Stone, get prepared for a captivating story andpage turnerthat will keep you on the edge of your seat.Mary Stone is a true storyteller, that if you haven't read any of her thrillers, I encourage you to start.

In this installment we get a bigger peek into his past. After years of counseling and therapy, little Timmy Stewart, now Justice Hall, is a rookie detective in the Elmaeder County Sheriff’s Department. Justice is trying so hard to blend in and be a good person, though still haunted by the unmentionable horrors he was forced to live through. But first he needs to learn how contain his rage and ignore Justin's voice in his head.

Since the Farm started up twelve years ago, eight missing workers in eleven years have gone missing. Some are never heard from again, others are found dead. Justice gets a call from a former Farm worker, his girlfriend is missing. Justice thought when he killed the da Vinci serial killer the disappearances would stop, but it looks like he wasn't the only murderer using the farm workers. Justice is about to find drug dealers, murderers, even the local biker gang before he tangles with a criminal that brings Justin and his memories roaring back as he is in a fight for his life.

I received an ARC of this book from the author and this is my honest review. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more in this series.


Jeannine Wickliffe

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September 10, 2023

Another great ARC read by Mary Stone. Justice Hall is back and this time he has the ghosts from his past haunting him and in some ways helping him with his next case. A rich mans son has gone missing and Justice wonders if it is related to other missing people from the area. As he digs deeper he keeps coming back to the Eastwind Farm and its workers. Then his partner and friend, Henry's sister overdoses and more connections are made between the farm, the drugs, a biker gang, and the missing people. Will Justice be able to fight he need to exact justice on these people or will he be able to bring them to justice thru law? Can he solve all these cases and stay within his duty as a deputy or will his years with Justin Black take over? This story gets you from the start and keeps you wanting more

Rosemary Lambert

98 reviews

October 5, 2023

Anti heroes , love them or hate them you choose.

This is definitely not your usual good versus evil genre, although there is a fine line between the two in this book. It is rather a dark read which leads into the spectrum of grey forcing the reader to either condemn or cheer on the main protagonist. It prompts the reader to consider their own moral compass and what they would do if faced with the dilemmas in the ‘Villain’ series . It is not an easy answer when given the back story of little Timmy Stewart at the hands of the unrepentant evil Justin Black from the Winter Black series. I totally recommend reading the Winter FBI series first for maximum enjoyment. I will definitely be reading more of the Villain series, bravo Ms. Stone and thanks for hours of pleasurable reading .

Ludmila Husek

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August 31, 2023

Will Eastwind farm reveal more secrets? Justice is back from his admin leave to solve another missing person case. He gets the memory flashes of the time with Justin Black more often than he can bear. It makes this tense fast flowing thriller even more interesting. What a plot and twists! Superb ideas by author, I would not like to try the “race track” I feel so much for Tim/Justice from the moment he was introduced to us. He went and is going through terrible times. I wish for him to get out and be happy, but then we would not have these amazing books for Mary, about him, to read. I finished in one sitting and stared at the wall thinking about human beings and what makes them evil.
I’m glad author writes the way that shakes you and makes you think. Thank you Mary. Another home run .

P J Van Benthusen

391 reviews

September 4, 2023

This really was a terrifying thriller to read! Psychopaths can be created! This book really grips you. The background on how Justice was kidnapped and forced to murder people at the age of 9 will give you some insights to the demons he is now fighting. Abraham is a similar case. Somewhere along their lives they developed the taste for murder. Both are very good at it. While Justice targets the predators and serial killers he is letting the lines blur and becoming what he hunts. This book was better than the first as it got you more into the minds of both of these killers. Is Justice really a cold-blooded killer? You'll find out as you read this book. Well worth the time to read.

Joyce Westmoreland

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September 24, 2023

The Hunting Grounds

Mary Stone has outdone herself with The Hunting Grounds. This book kept me on the edge of my seat from the first page and kept me awake until finished it. Justice is after the killer of the missing people from the hemp farm and Justice doesn’t always follow the rules. Will he solve the case and will he kill again. Justin Black really messed him up. How does Justice handle the past and do his job as a homicide detective? It’s not always easy. Thank you Mary. I can’t wait for the next book.


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August 28, 2023

Wowza! At first, I wasn't enthralled with Justice, but dang, the poor tortured soul is growing on me.
One of the workers from the pot farm begs Justice to look for his missing girlfriend and then ends up a statistic himself. Justin saw the killer and is sure he's part of the Syndicate, the local drug dealers.
An excellent book! Action, intrigue, a bit scary, and totally believable. Worth every minute to read.

Bonita Barbick

100 reviews

August 31, 2023

This is the second book in the Justice Hall series. The creativity in this terrifying story is totally Mary Stone. She is just the best!! Detective Justice Hall is brilliant, amazing and quite the hero. My heart does break for him as he relives moment from his past. Read this in one day, it is so good!
Thank You Mary Stone for your incredible writing and making us love your characters so much…

Carol Kraft

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August 31, 2023

The Hunting Ground is the second book in the Justice Hall series by Mary Stone. Detective Justice Hall is still trying to solve the case of the people who have gone missing while working at the pot farm.

Justice is still haunted by the time he spent with Justin Black and how he was torture when he didn't listen and obey him.

This book is full of mystery and suspense and I can hardly wait for the next book in the series.

Jacquetta Harvey

235 reviews

September 2, 2023

Is it Justice, bank robbery, drugs, the syndicate, the nightmares, the missing girls or association with the hemp farm...
Justice is Timothy renamed, a killer tutored by Winters brother Justin who taught Timothy how to murder people.
I loved this book and Winter Black. I think you will enjoy reading this new series as much as I've enjoyed the rest of Mary Stones books. I feel so involved and ready to read the book through as fast as I can, they are always hard to put down.


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September 3, 2023

Justice holds his own with the best of them but is at his best when up against serial killers! Why wouldn't he be? Afterall, he is a trained killer himself. I love how he is a lone wolf and tries to do good but always to be on the wrong side of things. It's hard to say if good will triumph in him or the "training of the past" wins out. Only time will tell. Another great novel with Justice at the helm trying to take out the bad guys while keeping his true self hidden.


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August 31, 2023

Tim, aka, Justice is now a detective still being haunted by his mentor & tormentor, Justin Black. Although solving murder cases in his unique way, does he still have Justin’s desire to kill. His love of his dog & horse & even an injured dog throws a twist to his dark personality that his boss can’t decipher. This is a page turner that won’t disappoint!

Sue Sandifer

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August 31, 2023

Great read ! Detective Justice Hall is basically a good guy with a very wicked past. His years under the guidance of Justin Black have really been horrific. Justices boss, Eliza Galvez likes his work, but she sees the dark side of him, and keeps her eyes open regarding Justices behavior. We get more insight to what Justin did to Tiny Timmy ( Justice) and understand some of his actions.

Ann Calvert

236 reviews

September 19, 2023

good book

This a bit different than other suspense books, it kind of reminds me of Dexter! Tim was kidnapped as a young boy after a serial killer had murdered his parents and sister. He was a sad*stic murderer, intent on turning Tim into a monster like him while torturing him. Now Tim is a cop trying to do good!


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October 29, 2023

Nature or nurture

Was it inTimothy's nature to be a vigilante killer? Or did it come about from Justin Black's nurture? Nurture. Justice is a very conflicted LEO. It is hard to feel sorry for his victims, especially the last one Abraham Kane. On to more of Mary Stone's adventures.

Barbara Kaake

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September 3, 2023

This was a excellent story about Justice the cop who does rogue things to find out who done what and doing things a regular cop wouldn’t do. This book had lots of suspense and action . Thank you Mary for a great story.

Mary Rowe

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September 25, 2023

the psychological horror….

Not sure this series is for me; the psychological implications of Justice’s actions are moving this series toward the “horror” genre instead of just crime/police procedural (not my favored type of story).

The gut-twisting is strong in this one….

Kathryn Pharis

228 reviews

October 7, 2023

The first series by Mary Stone that I can’t get interested in.

It’s written well enough but I just don’t see the kid that Justin Black kidnapped and trained to be a killer now working for the FBI. I just don’t buy it. I will continue to read her books, just jot this series.. .

Barbara Williams

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April 16, 2024

Flip flopping

This series had me in a love/hate relationship with the Villains story. I like the fact that he is a vigilant for justice but the aspect of the criminals he brought to his type of justice haunting him is the part that baffles me.


154 reviews

May 8, 2024

Tragically Good

Realistic haunting complicated characters. Unusual settings in a hemp farm, a ranch and a junk yard. The plot had Twists and turns you did not expect. All put together in an unstoppable read.

Michelle Davis

488 reviews4 followers

August 28, 2023

Loved this book. We find out who else was killing the farm workers. What a story line. I love this series. It is a must read. I did not want to put it down.

Eleanor Andersen

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August 29, 2023

This is another winner for Mary Stone. It’s a great story, but I still don’t know if I like Justice or not.

Sue Palmer Crosby

177 reviews

August 30, 2023

Beware those that take advantage of others because Justice will come around and bite you. Some people just don’t listen and pay the price - death.

James Caswell

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August 30, 2023


Erica Summey

67 reviews

September 1, 2023

This book is well written and intriguing


217 reviews3 followers

September 1, 2023

Excellent read with many, many twists and turns. Love the evolution of the main character Justice/Tim. A suspenseful thriller. Can’t wait for the next one. Great job Mary Stone!


74 reviews

September 4, 2023

Just a great book, one of my favorite series from Mary Stone. It won’t disappoint, go ahead and read it.


123 reviews

September 7, 2023

Justice must catch a serial killer after people go missing and some are from Eastwind farm. We learn more about his captivity with Justin Black. Is Justice (Tim) a nice guy or bad guy? Can't wait for the next book in the series. I am an ARC member and this is my honest review.

Cindy Pendergraft

175 reviews2 followers

September 7, 2023

Very interesting storyline. I'm not sure which Justice to root for. He has a lot of turmoil going on in his life. I like him and it's a good read.

The Hunting Grounds (A Villain’s Story FBI Mystery Seri… (2024)
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