Ultimate Guide To The Best Bozeman Area Summer Camps (2024)

Summer camps and summer programs around Bozeman, Belgrade, and beyond are incredibly popular. We are blessed with some of the best in the state from educational classes, outdoor themed programs, and sports lessons.

The only problem with being 'popular' is that many summer camps and classes fill up very fast, very early in the year. NOW is the time to do your research and enroll the kids. Knowing your summer schedule so far in advance can be tricky, but if you want specific camps - you need to register now.

We will add to this list as more camps release their information for this year. Registration dates are different, with some camps available for registration very early in the year for this coming summer.

PRO TIP: Several programs will allow for changes with partial money back. Often a deposit is required, but often there are payment plans. In some cases you can receive a credit instead of money back if your needs change. But you should still register early as things fill up fast.

Camp Equinox Summer Theater Day Camp:Camp Equinox offers two 4-week sessions, and kids ARE allowed to register for both if there is availability. This is an incredibly popular option. "From musical comedy, to Shakespeare, to film acting, to mask-making, puppetry, play-writing, and comedy improv, it's a month of challenges, friends and intense fun!"

Montana Science Center:Fun with science in Bozeman. For young scientists in Grades 1-6.Camps run from 9am – 3pm, Monday – Friday; after care (3-5pm) is available on a limited basis. "Camps are outside, inside, on the exhibit floor, and in our high-tech STEAMlab and combine unplugged, outdoor fun with creative, interactive STEM activities."

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City of Bozeman Recreation Department Summer Camps:The COB Parks and Recreation Department does a wonderful job of offering a variety of classes and day camps for area youth. Preschool, garden classes, baseball, soccer, skateboarding, tennis, etc..

Ridge Athletic Club Summer Camps: If you are a member of The Ridge, you've got camp options there too!"Your children can spend the summer having fun and staying active at Ridge Kids Summer Camp. Camp begins Monday, June 12th and runs through Friday, August 18th."

Gallatin Valley YMCA:"Strengthen community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility." This nationally known organization has a variety of programs for our kids. Adventure day camps and different locations, "Move & Play" day camp, and teen camps are available.



Spire Climbing and Fitness Center Summer Camps: These camps are for kids aged 5 to 16. These are half-day week long camps. "In Spire's summer camps, beginners learn the essentials of the sport while kids with prior climbing experience take their skills to the next level."

Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter Pet Pals Summer Day Camp: Their 7 week summer day camp is for children (6-12 years old).The camp is Monday-Friday with drop off between 8:30-9:00am and pick up between 3:00-3:30pm. "Campers learn the importance of compassionate animal care through time with animals, games, crafts, humane education lessons, and a wide variety of guest speakers. Each week children will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of animals."

Heart of the Valley camp - Facebook

Alpengirl Camp - Summer Teen Adventure Camp for Girls:"Alpengirl is the best choice for adventurous and nature loving campers who want to meet new friends, see new places try new outdoor activities, and go above and beyond challenges." This is a larger commitment, as the girls do some traveling on their adventures. Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington. Rafting, camping, hiking, cooking, and tons of other adventures.

Alpengirl - Facebook

MOSS - Montana Outdoor Science School:A local favorite of Gallatin Valley kids AND adults. This group teachesandimmerses kids in everything outdoors. They have Summer Camps, PIR day camps, Spring Break camps, Homeschool science programs, and nature walks.MOSS offers week-long summer camps for young adventurers in K – 9th grade.See the full list of MOSS Summer Programs here.

Bodhi Farms 'Camp Bodhi' Camps: "Montana farm camp for elementary aged kids entering 1st-5th grade. Kids can sign up for a week or a month, with a different theme each week." All weeks include:Farm fresh lunch daily, Kids yoga classes, Nature hikes around the farm, Animal care (chickens & pigs), Guest speakers, One free adult yoga class pass.

Nike Sports Camps: There are several different sport camps offered in the Bozeman area. Soccer, golf, volleyball, and basketball camps are offered. There is a full list by following the link above. "Most of our junior camps accept participants between the ages of 10-18, however, some of our day camps will accept those as young as 5."

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Summer Camps and Programs in Bozeman and Beyond

As an expert in summer camps and programs, I can provide valuable information on the concepts and options mentioned in the article. Summer camps and programs are incredibly popular in the Bozeman and Belgrade areas, offering a variety of educational, outdoor-themed, and sports-focused activities for children. These camps provide opportunities for kids to learn, have fun, and make new friends during the summer break.

Importance of Early Registration

One key point emphasized in the article is the importance of early registration. Due to their popularity, many summer camps and classes fill up quickly, sometimes even months in advance. It is essential for parents to do their research and register their children as early as possible to secure a spot in their desired camps.

Flexible Registration and Payment Options

The article also mentions that some programs offer flexibility in registration and payment options. While a deposit is often required, many camps provide payment plans and the possibility of receiving a credit instead of a refund if needs change. This flexibility can be beneficial for parents who may need to make adjustments to their summer plans.

Camp Equinox Summer Theater Day Camp

Camp Equinox is a highly popular summer theater day camp that offers two 4-week sessions. Children have the option to register for both sessions if there is availability. The camp provides a variety of activities, including musical comedy, Shakespeare, film acting, mask-making, puppetry, play-writing, and comedy improv. It promises a month of challenges, fun, and opportunities for creative expression.

Montana Science Center

The Montana Science Center offers engaging science camps for young scientists in grades 1-6. These camps run from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday, and combine outdoor and indoor activities. Campers have the opportunity to participate in unplugged, hands-on STEM activities both on the exhibit floor and in the high-tech STEAMlab.

City of Bozeman Recreation Department Summer Camps

The City of Bozeman Recreation Department organizes a wide range of classes and day camps for youth in the area. These include preschool programs, garden classes, baseball, soccer, skateboarding, tennis, and more. The department aims to provide diverse options to cater to different interests and preferences.

Ridge Athletic Club Summer Camps

Members of The Ridge Athletic Club have the opportunity to enroll their children in Ridge Kids Summer Camp. This camp offers a fun and active summer experience for kids, running from Monday, June 12th to Friday, August 18th. The camp aims to keep children engaged and active throughout the summer months.

Gallatin Valley YMCA

The Gallatin Valley YMCA is a nationally recognized organization that focuses on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. They offer various programs, including adventure day camps at different locations, "Move & Play" day camp, and teen camps. These programs aim to strengthen the community and provide opportunities for children to learn, grow, and have fun.

Spire Climbing and Fitness Center Summer Camps

Spire Climbing and Fitness Center offers week-long, half-day summer camps for kids aged 5 to 16. These camps cater to both beginners and kids with prior climbing experience, providing them with opportunities to learn and improve their climbing skills.

Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter Pet Pals Summer Day Camp

Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter organizes a 7-week summer day camp for children aged 6 to 12. The camp focuses on teaching compassionate animal care through interactions with animals, games, crafts, humane education lessons, and guest speakers. Children have the opportunity to learn about animal welfare while having a fun and educational summer experience.

Alpengirl Camp - Summer Teen Adventure Camp for Girls

Alpengirl Camp offers adventurous and nature-loving girls the opportunity to meet new friends and explore new places. This camp takes participants on outdoor adventures in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington. Activities include rafting, camping, hiking, cooking, and various other outdoor experiences.

MOSS - Montana Outdoor Science School

The Montana Outdoor Science School (MOSS) is a local favorite that aims to immerse kids and adults in outdoor experiences and education. They offer a variety of programs, including summer camps, PIR day camps, spring break camps, homeschool science programs, and nature walks. MOSS provides opportunities for young adventurers in grades K-9 to learn and explore the natural world.

Bodhi Farms 'Camp Bodhi' Camps

Bodhi Farms offers a Montana farm camp for elementary-aged kids entering 1st-5th grade. Each week of the camp has a different theme and includes farm fresh lunch, kids yoga classes, nature hikes, animal care (chickens & pigs), guest speakers, and a free adult yoga class pass. This camp provides children with a hands-on farm experience and opportunities to learn about sustainable farming practices.

Nike Sports Camps

Nike Sports Camps offer a variety of sports-focused camps in the Bozeman area, including soccer, golf, volleyball, and basketball camps. These camps cater to different age groups, with most junior camps accepting participants between the ages of 10-18. Some day camps even accept children as young as 5, providing an early introduction to sports and athletic activities.

In summary, the Bozeman and Belgrade areas offer a wide range of summer camps and programs for children of all ages and interests. From theater and science to sports and outdoor adventures, these camps provide opportunities for kids to learn, explore, and have fun during the summer break. Early registration is crucial due to the high demand, and parents should take advantage of flexible registration and payment options when available.

Ultimate Guide To The Best Bozeman Area Summer Camps (2024)
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